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Published On: November 19th, 2021


Migration from monolith to MACH & the key
business benefits.

It comes as no surprise that ageing legacy systems call for constant upgrades to match modern technological standards. These upgrades require dedication, time and the undivided attention of your Dev teams, as upgrades need to be executed with 100% precision. This level of accuracy is integral for any modern business as operations today are mostly facilitated via digital systems and automated processes.

The downsides of upgrading legacy systems

Upgrading creates distractions for your IT teams leaving no space for progressive innovation or the capacity to enhance the customer experience (CX), all critical success factors in today’s modern retail landscape.

The time-to-value factor of monolithic upgrading is a slow and laborious process, when most retailers don’t have the luxury of time. Therefore, the actual value of these upgrade cycles are limited, they drain IT budgets and even stand in the way of effective business development.

Furthermore, legacy systems have a great deal of opportunity cost when considering all the revenue that may have been lost, by not enabling newer ways of shopping such as click-and-collect and other adaptive fulfilment options.

So, if these pain points are sounding familiar to you, it’s high time to reconsider your next system update and the investment needed.

Benefits of a MACH based system


Rapid innovation

Consumer demands change faster than the speed of innovation! So if you cannot meet your customer expectations in terms of digitalization, they will switch to a competitive brand without a second thought, as convenience is an integral part of their purchase decision. Having a modern IT architecture that enables innovation is one of the top success factors of those businesses that made profits during the pandemic, and who continue to move forward, especially during today’s post-pandemic times.


Hyper flexibility and functionality

MACH architecture is a future proof, disruptive technology that is also the current industry best practice adopted by the next generation of retail and commerce tech companies. It’s structured as a composable enterprise, which is an efficient take on open and connected technologies. The speciality here is that every development made with a MACH architecture is pluggable, scalable and replaceable. Anything built with MACH will deliver an out-of-the-box functionality on an integrated platform. Hence, MACH enabled systems can take away the friction in customer journeys and create positive CXs that boost customer satisfaction.



Agility and self-sufficiency

It’s well recognised that retailers who transition from legacy to a largely MACH-based IT architecture can shorten the gap between bringing upgrades into production and move with tech agility. Not only does it empower IT teams to be self-sufficient, but also allow retailers to scale up, do spur of the market configurations and deliver more value with iterations as they go.

How to get started with MACH?

The good part about MACH based architecture is that it isn’t an outright transformation. A less risky, more palatable first step would be to start changing your front end components. Frontend frameworks are easier lifts than the back end.

Here at Enactor, we provide retailers with Next-Generation store systems that are built with a 100% genuine MACH architecture. Our technology enables the unification of the online and physical space into one seamless platform. Hence, retailers can leverage the web functionality and easily deploy it in stores to give a best of class customer experience every time!

Tap into the power of MACH