O’Reilly Auto Parts

Case Study

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts and accessories in the U.S. Founded in 1957 in Missouri, O’Reilly now operates in most of the states of the U.S. and currently has over 4900 stores.

O’Reilly maintains its strong brand and growth by offering flexible services and gives both retail customers and auto service business easy ways of finding, ordering, collecting and receiving products. Like many U.S. retailers in a competitive market, the combination of extensive product range, excellent promotions and great customer service is vitally important.

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The Challenge

The challenge for O’Reilly was to find a product that could adapt to their requirements and sheer size of their business. O’Reilly were well aware of the general state of the store systems market and the normal suppliers, and had over many years taken the view that a ‘black-box’ point of sale application was not right for them. The Enactor Toolset was a genuinely fresh approach to the problem of ‘build vs. buy’ and offered the best of both worlds. In particular the Toolset and its potential for a closely coupled integration with existing AS400 and Java applications enabled a gradual transition from old to new without the risk and cost of a big bang implementation.

The Solution

O’Reilly used the core Enactor Point of Service Solution, its Retail Hub, and with the Enactor Toolset and resource libraries, O’Reilly extended the application to meet the needs of their business. The user sees a modern POS application with all of Enactor’s built in functions, but is unaware that some functions might be Web service calls to remote applications, some might call legacy AS400 libraries, and others are Enactor library functions. Regardless of where and how a function is implemented, the Enactor Toolset gives a unified environment that allows this mixed approach to be tackled in a consistent way.

Ultimately, by using the Enactor Digital Retail Platform, O’Reilly was able to use the Enactor Toolset and extend the product in-house to meet the requirements for their B2C and B2B customers. In addition, the ToolSet allowed seamless integrations to existing O’Reilly Enterprise applications to ensure consistent product data, promotions, customer information, etc. for both the Store and E-Commerce sales channels resulting in a Unified Commerce platform!

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