Embrace the
Phygital Revolution

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Flexible Omnichannel Order Management!

Bringing the physical and digital world together providing customers with a unified experience across online and offline touchpoints.

Flexible Omnichannel
Order Management!

Bringing the physical and digital world together providing customers with a unified experience across online and offline touchpoints.

We are entering a Phygital world where there is a complete connection between physical and digital.

Contactless retail is certainly a trend nowadays. We are seeing increased demand for click & collect and ship-from-store as customers want to save their time and cost. Adding to that, COVID 19 pandemic has shed new light on the importance of omnichannel journeys and how customers will turn more towards click & collect, ship from store. With Enactor OMS, retailers can get a single omnichannel platform that supports any customer ordering journey allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Gives stores extra relevance and revenue opportunities

Retailers can get a better yield by optimizing their inventory utilization to fulfil orders online and maximize their online revenue contribution.

Better and faster
fulfilment options

The Enactor OMS can source goods from the nearest inventory location, enabling retailers to gain a competitive edge. It allows retailers to promise customers cheaper & quicker same day deliveries.

In times of crisis like the global pandemic, retailers can completely shift to operating as dark stores and yield better revenue by functioning as a distribution centre. It facilitates the pragmatic use of an Adaptive Fulfilment strategy that leverages in-store inventory in multiple ways to better fulfil orders.

Flexibility to fit various
business rules

The Enactor OMS works in cohesion with other system engines and tools via API integrations and Headless Commerce, allowing retailers to change their business rules based on seasonal demand. The combined functionality enables even the largest of retailers to create more meaningful promotions to match their business rules from period to period.

Easy Integration

Order management requires constant communication between multiple systems and applications. Our OMS enables retailers to easily integrate where retailers can do their own integrations around Enactor solutions and extend to third party supplier systems.

Easy automation tools

Enactor OMS gives the flexibility needed to automate a complicated order process. Our Business Process Designer allocates tasks, issues direction and designs the flow of a seamless order lifecycle.

Anywhere, Anytime Ordering

Specifically designed for Omnichannel retailing, the Enactor OMS is a single platform that enables customers to create their own journeys. They can shop globally from anywhere, anytime and get it delivered however they wish, embracing the true phygital revolution!

Seamless Customer Journeys

As modern customer journeys are non-linear, browsing online and placing web orders is the bare minimum. Enactor offers unique product options for retailers that cater to customer convenience like curbside pick up, self-checkout & click and reserve!

A Flexible Single Platform

Retailers can customize their ideal solution that gives both the freedom and the flexibility to match our products with their business DNA. They get unprecedented technological agility as Enactor solutions can be added on-demand onto the same platform, alongside their business growth.

Single Inventory Pool

With Enactor OMS, inventory isn’t limited to a single location. It integrates all distributed stocks of a retailer into a centralized pool of inventory and treats it as one lot, regardless of its physical location.









“We’re really excited about the flexibility and agility Enactor OMS will give us and see this as a key differentiator and competitive advantage going forward. We are proud of our Omnichannel offering to date but we need to push this to deliver greater insights and customer experience given the changing retail challenges. Customer behaviors and expectations are constantly evolving and Enactor OMS will enable us to meet and exceed those expectations. We will look to provide a consistent, seamless customer journey regardless of when and where our customers want to interact with us.”

Cécile Delforge, Director IT, Dune

“We are always seeking ways to use technology to continually innovate across our brands and deliver great customer experiences that elevate our retail proposition. We are excited to get all our stores on Enactor’s single technology base and make it our own. In modern retail, it’s vitally important to be able to move fast and deliver what the business needs across all channels. We see the Enactor Platform as key to helping us achieve our long-term strategic goals.”

Spokesperson, Frasers Group


A Central inventory

It’s an inventory management tool crucial for retailers to view their inventory from all over the world, accumulated into a single pool. It helps them to adapt and ship from anywhere, anytime!

Inventory management
in-store apps

Each Enactor application specializes in their singular job tasks. When working together, their collaborative functionality ensures a seamless order management process.

Endless Aisle

Retailers can enable customers to run a rich product search that scrapes through the global pool of inventory and locates items along with extended specifications. This gives the customers multiple choices and variety, hence saving the sale for retailers.


Allows retailers to establish long-term relationships with their customers based on their preferences, behaviours and purchase history. It enables retailers to provide personalized shopping experiences.

Integrated payment options

Enactor facilitates multiple modes of payments via our payment gateways. We also accept various payment options from cash, credit & pay on delivery to other deferred methods like store credit, gift vouchers & loyalty points.

Real-time stock visibility

This inventory management tool helps retailers and customers, for both in stores and for online transactions. They can see real-time stock adjustments before placing orders and making payments. These inventory data and accuracy of the stock availability is directly linked with increased customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Mixed Baskets

Customers can discover more ways to rearrange their shopping carts and order items as per their customized needs to make purchases. They can decide whether to purchase now or save for later and decide between different modes of payment.

The Enactor Business
Process Designer

The Enactor Business Process Designer carries out the execution flows between all applications to orchestrate the entire order by assigning job tasks to the users and directing them on what needs to be done. Its key responsibility is the designing of a seamless order lifecycle.

It allocates high-level tasks between all applications to automate complicated order processing, which cannot be easily coordinated via legacy systems or as human tasks.