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The Enactor platform starts with modern, highly functional out of the box capabilities with a rich set of interfaces. Whilst also combining the tools and technologies for Retailers to make changes and develop themselves.

What is the Enactor Platform?


Cross-Platform Applications

Out-of-the-box, configuration-driven apps that cover Next-Generation POS, Clientelling, Self-Checkout and Inventory. All are highly functional, API-driven and built with a common framework with all being able to be deployed across platforms in the cloud or completely offline.


A rich set of back-end components to act as a single engine for all channels. The container-based components enable a headless engine to power different applications. This includes omnichannel baskets, loyalty, promotions, inventory and much more.

Development Tools

Low-code Orchestration Tools

A low-code Toolkit gives a new hyper-flexible approach to building enterprise systems. These intuitive drag & drop tools enables the Enactor Core products to be extended without breaking it and enable customer to do their own development on all our products.

Web Front-End

Enactor Applications are built with a modern, React-based web front end. This makes the application highly responsive and easy to change. Our customer’s own web developers can extend the front-end themselves either discreetly or by embedding plug-in web apps.


APIs & Interfaces

Our platform provides a rich and varied set of interfaces which can be leveraged in different ways. Whether it’s REST APIs, Cloud Messaging or other web technologies. Or it’s JavaScript and native OS APIs for integrating other applications on a device like web site
or smartphone apps

Cloud and MACH Technologies

Our platform enables Retailers to leverage the best of cloud technologies to overcome scalability, speed to market, test automation and DevOps. Whether the system is run by us or run by the Retailer we ensure that they can get the benefit of automated and continuous deployment.

Enactor Models

We offer two models around the same Unified Commerce Platform and Next-Generation POS.


Cloud-hosed by Enactor in AWS

Deploy in weeks

Effortless upgrades

Focus on experience and functionality

Control your own digital destiny

Hybrid of Buy & Build

Do your own development

Leverage your internal development teams

Use the cloud and DevOps technologies you like






The Enactor Team have offered us a unique combination of product, partnership and a model that allows us to react much faster to the technology challenges we have in our Department stores. The objective always is to bring the best experience to our customers.

Benjamin Hernandez
Chief Information Officer – El Palacio De Hierro


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We’ve seen so many Retailers not be able to deliver on their omnichannel ambitions. We’ve seen them held back by legacy technology, monolithic architecture and the wrong operating models. Transform your business with Enactor!