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Published On: February 25th, 2022

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Changing and building applications are just a matter of drag and drop.

In a modern, dynamic and unpredictable market, fulfilling your customer expectations and thriving in the retail market requires the ability to adapt fast to market demands. The Covid-19 crisis drastically reduced footfall in-store overnight and drove many customers to interact online. Many retailers with legacy, inflexible systems went bankrupt due to their inability to move quickly and their lack of integration capability across their customer touchpoints.

Here at Enactor, we understand that retailers need a system that is flexible enough to enable rapid change. The Enactor Toolkit is a powerful tool that gives complete control to retailers to quickly change or build applications instantaneously aligning with new customer and market demands.

You deliver rapid value

The Toolkit delivers the ability to change and enhance the standard applications and to create new applications on their own. The reusable libraries make it even easier to create new functions and applications on thick or thin client devices. The Toolkit comes with key tools like the Application Process Designer (APD) and the Business Process Designer (BPD). The APD is a visual tool that allows making changes to the flow and functionality of our flow-based applications by dragging and dropping, without any coding. The BPD executes flows based on different operations, runs jobs and allocates tasks to users helping to get done the tasks quickly which typically requires the involvement of multiple human tasks, systems and integrations.

Save valuable IT resources

The easy-to-use tool allows non-developers to design both application and enterprise-level business processes using a simple drag and drop user interface. The tool enables the development of both server-based business process flows and user-facing applications which helps them to innovate quickly.

Deliver success in 2022 and beyond

The Enactor Toolkit is a powerful tool that brings flexibility and agility to large retailers, empowering them to take control of their applications and adapt to meet changing customer and business demands without additional financial costs.

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