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Published On: October 26th, 2021


Enactor welcomes Lindex aboard!

We are extremely excited to announce that Swedish-based Fashion Retailer, Lindex has selected Enactor for their Next-Generation Store and Omnichannel Technology. The retailer’s fashion lines are for modern-day women and children. They offer their customers a wide variety of clothing items online and in all their stores that are located across Scandinavia.

Enactor will roll out its MACH-certified platform in Lindex’s 420+ stores spanning across 10 countries, all with different fiscal regulations. Being a globally scalable platform, Enactor enables retailers to operate in any country. We have dedicated fiscal teams to ensure compliance with any country’s laws, leaving fiscalisation in our safe hands.

Enactor will not only help Lindex manage different fiscalisations but we will also help them to accelerate their omnichannel experiences. Enactor platforms are built from the ground up to allow omnichannel and unified commerce using microservices and tools. The Enactor tools give power to the retailers. Our tools allow retailers to make changes independently. This is the very reason why Lindex chose Enactor. Enactor is the perfect solution to help fulfill Lindex’s goals of achieving a “New Agile Way of Working”. By training their internal IT teams to build and extend applications for themselves, it enables Lindex to respond to industry changes with speed.

As well as Enactor’s out-of-the-box core solutions such as the POS, Endless Aisle, IM, OMS, etc., Lindex also has the advantage of our unique tools that allow total agility. Enactor will be training their team on the ToolKit, Estate Manager and enable them to own the user experience with the REACT UI. This will allow Lindex to be in control of their own systems, in turn, delivering a “New Agile Way of Working”. In doing so, Lindex are not only turning their back on legacy platforms and vendors but also legacy operating models.

The first phase of the project will see Lindex deploying Enactor’s Mobile POS solution. Following this, they will then use iterative evolution to deliver a full deployment. Beyond that, Lindex will have the option to leverage Enactor’s other Unified Commerce solutions such as Order Management, Inventory and other API-based Microservices such as Basket and Gift Cards.

Learn more about the roll out of Enactor to 420 stores here

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