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Published On: April 6th, 2022


Lindex pioneers roll out of Enactor’s omnichannel POS platform across 420 European stores.

Enactor announces the successful launch of the first phase of an ambitious new partnership with Lindex, Sweden-based women’s fashion retailer, commencing with the delivery of a POS and mobile POS solution as a single platform across its 420 stores spanning 10 markets.

Seamless integration

Enactor’s seamless MACH (Microservice, API-first, Cloud and Headless) retail platform will support all of Lindex’s store devices and enable integration of new online services into the store. API driven and built by Enactor’s Microservice Tools means Lindex will leverage a highly configurable POS and omnichannel capability that will quickly unlock solutions like Endless Aisle and mobile payments.

Solving fiscalisation challenges

Lindex naturally faces tough challenges around fiscalisation with hundreds of stores spanning multiple countries. The Enactor scalable platform will enable Lindex to easily support different fiscal regulations eliminating the compliance headache for the business.

Enactor will not only help Lindex manage different fiscalisations but will also help them to accelerate their omnichannel experiences. Enactor platforms are built from the ground up to allow omnichannel and unified commerce using microservices and tools.

Independence and control for retailers

“Enactor is the perfect solution to help fulfil Lindex’s goals of achieving a new, agile way of working with our store systems. By training our internal IT teams to build and extend applications for themselves using the Enactor Toolkit, Estate Manager and enabling them to own the user experience with the React UI, we will be in a much stronger position to respond to industry changes quickly, keeping us ahead of the curve at all times”,
said Annika Elfstrom, Lindex CIO.

“Enactor’s innovation offers Tier 1 retailers like Lindex something that no other vendor can do right now, giving them real control over their own digital destiny. By replacing their legacy platform with Enactor, Lindex can make changes to its customer journeys independently and much faster than they can today. Going forward its customers can always expect a store experience that’s relevant, connected and modern, which is the very reason why Lindex chose Enactor”,
said Mike Carrell, Enactor CEO.

Learn more about the Lindex and Enactor partnership here

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