Mike Carrell

Mike Carrell

Founder and Managing Director

About Mike

Mike Carrell is the Founder and Managing Director of software company Enactor Limited based in Hertford in the UK. Enactor is Mike’s third software company that he has built up since graduating in Engineering from Cambridge in 1985 and he likes the buzz and ambition associated with small and medium-sized businesses.

Mike grew up in Hertfordshire and took an early interest in computing and electronics. He remembers every Saturday as a young teenager cycling the 20 miles round trip from home to Watford Electronics in the 1970s to buy integrated circuits in order to wire up microprocessors by hand before they were commercially available.

Previous Education & Experience

His first job after graduating was as an electronics engineer but gradually moved over to software engineering, working on C, C++ and Java-based systems. He sees software innovation as the driving force behind the success of his ventures and remains heavily involved in the technical details of the systems that Enactor invests in.

Outside of work

Mike has two children, Jules and Olivia, and lives not far from Cambridge in a village in Northeast Hertfordshire with his wife Alexandra. Mike has many hobbies, Alexandra would say too many, ranging from repairing Classic cars, woodwork, building valve based Hifi and shooting. He also maintains a large library of mathematics books, which he points out he understands very little of, but he keeps on trying!