Shahana Kumar

Marketing and Brand
Delivery Manager

About Shahana

Shahana is a professional enterprise Marketing / Brand Delivery Manager with industry experience over 5 years. She has a passion for creating strategic User Experience and User Interfaces for products and organizations.

Shahana is critical in making sure that Enactor appears both consistent and best of breed. She makes sure Enactor looks great from product inception and design, through to final delivery and continuing on into marketing and sales presentations. She does this by being heavily involved in product design (web & mobile application UI/UX) and brand delivery either directly herself or via her team.

Previous Education & Experience

She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering specialized in Computer Science and is currently following a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has worked in the fields of IT, Software, and Digital Marketing, serving clients in the USA, UK, and Australia. Her specialties lie within a wide range of domains from Smart City (USA) to monitoring Mobile/Web applications and other skills associated with rapid prototyping.

Outside of work

Shahana’s passion outside work includes Indian Classical Dancing which she has been doing for 14 years. She also has a passion for anything arty with which she has a knack for photography, drawing, interior decoration, and fashion designing. She is also passionate about baking, traveling and Zumba – through which she aims for the perfect work-life balance.