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Published On: November 30th, 2023


Specsavers launches Enactor’s Next-Generation POS for enhanced customer experience

Enactor, the leading provider of retail store systems, is excited to announce the successful implementation of its Next-Generation Point of Sale (POS) software in the first Specsavers store, the Ennis Store in the Republic of Ireland. This launch signifies a big step forward in revolutionising the way Specsavers serves its valued customers and lays the foundation for future enhancements.

Enactor and Specsavers: A Strategic Collaboration
The first Specsavers store to go live with Enactor’s Next-Generation POS and Commerce Services, specifically the Single Basket Engine, marks the beginning of a significant transformation in how Specsavers manages its operations. This implementation coincides with a comprehensive re-implementation of Specsavers’ in-house practice management system, presenting a substantial architectural shift that offers increased flexibility for the future.

Sean Power, Director of Specsavers Ennis, shared his firsthand experience:
“We built and engineered a product that, two days into going live, a customer in our business would not be aware that it was our second day using the system. Today I had a dispense for €318. The customer was dispensed, paid, and left the store within 4 minutes of the end of the sight test. Four days ago, this was impossible.”

A Future-Ready Solution for Global Expansion
Enactor’s Next-Generation POS solution will serve as the cornerstone for the rollout to Specsavers stores in other countries over the next three years. Immediate plans include refining the pilot program before the holiday season and supporting the Republic of Ireland rollout in the coming year. Additionally, preparations are underway for the implementation of the system in the Netherlands in 2024.

Mike Carrell, Founder and Managing Director of Enactor, shares his perspective on this transformative collaboration:
“Enactor is proud to work alongside Specsavers in this remarkable journey. Our commitment to understanding Specsavers’ strategic goals and enhancing the customer experience aligns perfectly with their vision. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this exciting technological leap, providing Specsavers with the tools to redefine how they serve their valued customers.”

By embracing Enactor’s advanced POS software, Specsavers remains committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences while streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. The intuitive interface of the Enactor POS software empowers staff to process transactions swiftly, enabling a focus on personalised customer interactions. This results in faster checkouts and a more enjoyable shopping experience, ultimately strengthening the bond between Specsavers and the community it serves.

The integration of Enactor’s Next-Generation POS signifies a significant leap forward for Specsavers. As we embark on this transformative journey, we work to help Specsavers maintain and uplift their commitment to providing exceptional eye care services while embracing the latest technology to enhance the overall customer experience.

About Enactor:

Enactor is a leading provider of next-generation retail store systems, offering next-generation omnichannel Point of Sale (POS) solutions alongside a suite of innovative store solutions. With a strong global presence in terms of customers and Enactor offices, we are dedicated to redefining the retail industry by providing businesses with flexible, tailored solutions to enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

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