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Published On: June 23rd, 2021


Enactor Thin Client now available on the Google Play Store!

We are delighted to announce that the Enactor Client App is now on the Google Play Store. Our unique solutions are now accessible across android devices via the Play Store. Next-Generation retail technology is just a click away! This comes just two weeks after Enactor announced that the Client had launched on the iOS Apple Store.

The Enactor App enables our clients to surface many different Enactor Apps like Retail POS, Hospitality POS and Inventory Management. Our Point of Sale is a highly configurable, functional and easy-to-use application for Enterprise Retailers to run their stores across Mobile, Fixed, HHT devices and platforms.

As the Enactor Technology is built with a Microservices architecture, the entire ecosystem including the Enactor Thin Client comes with tech agility. Thus, retailers who use our solutions and now the Enactor App can move with speed and hyper flexibility in the ever-changing retail landscapes. The application is not limited to just our customers, but also our partners who carry out support functions such as implementation, deliveries and rollouts.

When the Thin Client App is configured to deliver the Enactor Retail POS, it features a full suite of functions for product selling in the modern Retail store:

  • Endless Aisle for a rich product search and limitless catalogue
  • Clienteling for personalization & customer relationship building in-store
  • API-driven and Microservice-built for rapid change, integration and innovation
  • Easily build in-store orders and fulfil mixed baskets options
  • Process complex baskets with promotions, discounts, refunds and loyalty vouchers
  • International configuration for language, tax and fiscalization regulations


Enactor Solution Overview

A short overview of the amazing Enactor Platform and what you can do with it.

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Enactor OMS

An introduction to Enactor OMS and how it links all channels and stores with distributed order management.

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