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Now is the time for Retailers to move with speed and deliver
on the technology future of their stores. Enactor's unique,
flow-based architecture allows Retailers to deliver applications.
We let Retailers use their own development teams and
web development teams to extend the platform themselves
either by using our Flow-based tools or plugging in their own
web applications.

A flexible enterprise POS
that you can change
yourselves with our
flow-based Architecture

What the Tools allow you to do

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Watch: Toolkit Demo Video

Check out this video and you’ll see that with Enactor you can:

  • Make changes by Dragging & Dropping
  • Re-use granular Components from our libraries

  • Easily own and customise the Enactor Applications and Microservices

  • Extend Enactor yourselves and still stay on our Product Roadmap

Start with the full Enactor Suite

Your starting point is a full Unified Store and Commerce Platform:

  • Fixed POS, Mobile POS and Self-Checkout with React JS UIs

  • Endless Aisle & Clientelling

  • Omnichannel functions like Click & Collect

  • Highly Configurable from Central UI

  • Headless Commerce Microservices

Ways to use the
Freedom of

Get an App that your business needs for their stores

Many Retailers need an app in store that does all sorts of weird and wonderful things specific to their business. Our Tools make this possible. Complete control of the logic & frontend UI enables developers to extend themselves as well as integrate their own Apps, JavaScript Components and Services. So whether you trying to complete better customer journeys (BOPIC or BOPAC) or simply trying to drive APIs to you store much better, our tools make anything possible.

Embrace a new, agile way of working around Store Technology

By being able to make change yourselves you can now embrace a new way of working. Continuously add features, configuration and integration yourselves in regular, agile sprints. You are in control!

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Ad-hoc adjustments and adaptations to meet the current and future requirements can be done with in-house IT developers. Timely configurations in response to the market changes will no longer create external financial commitments/ burdens.

Move to your OWN Microservices Architecture for Stores & Commerce

With Enactor’s framework and tools, leading retailers can quickly achieve the kind of self-sufficiency not typically offered for enterprise software and solutions. Large retailers will no longer have to depend on their suppliers or third party systems for innovation and change.

Control your own destiny…

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