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Published On: March 30th, 2022



Switching POS? 6 things a global retailer should consider.

A large retail business is complex with multiple brands, verticals and fiscalisations to manage. However there are commonalities across all these challenges which a modern omnichannel POS and unified commerce solution can support.

By acting as an integration hub a next generation store system can enable the retailer to connect its CRM, Clientelling, Mobile POS, Online Promotions and Basket Engine quickly and easily.

The need for speed & control

When we’ve looked at the reasons why international retailers like Enactor customer, Central Retail, are switching to a modern store solution like Enactor, the desire for speed and more control over their omnichannel retail development is paramount.

In a time when the retail industry is undergoing unprecedented change, retailers require more futuristic solutions that are able to connect its stores and digital channels to deliver a high level and seamless omnichannel customer experience.


Enactor Solution Overview

See how Enactor enables complex customer journeys across devices and channels.


Enactor for Large & Global Retailers

Enactor is the key disrupting solution in Enterprise store and Unified Commerce where Retailers need a modern platform.

Delivering Omnichannel Journeys

Customers today expect a unified, consistent customer journey in which they can begin a transaction online and end it in-store or any combination of the two. The next generation of store systems must be capable of catering to these diversified needs.

Next generation store POS systems must be able to process in-store and online purchases in a single transaction. Mixed basket functionality allows customers to start a transaction anywhere and end it anywhere. Alongside this, complete stock visibility can save the sale even when stocks aren’t available

Single Architecture

Any retailer that operates in multiple verticals must consider each vertical separately in order to make decisions and manage these verticals as a single unit. That’s why you need to have a single POS system, thas has a unified, flexible architecture across all of your verticals and brands for seamless functionality.


3. A single POS for fiscalisation

For global retailers, changing operations from country to country across the brand fascia while catering to varying customer demands is a constant battle. Challenges include compliance with different mandatory fiscal laws and regulations and localisation, such as language.

“Global fiscalisation is a huge challenge for our business. Knowing that Enactor has teams on the ground to deal with local compliance gives us huge peace of mind”
Enactor customer


While today’s customers need to interact with brands across many different channels, the need for a combination of fixed POS, mobile POS, SCO, and kiosks in-store has become essential. The user experience of these channels will determine the satisfaction, which will, in turn, affect sales.

User interface technology (UI) like React JS, delivers more dynamic and responsive UIs and improves the presence of the screens on different sized devices. This helps screens automatically scale their elements to match the screen size of these devices, enhancing the user experience.

Easy changes to Business ProcessorsWhat matters is not only that store systems have the necessary functionality, but they can also be easily managed, with the ability to be changed and deployed quickly. Traditional POS systems have massive, monolithic codebases that require a massive team of developers to make even the smallest changes. It is impossible to integrate or customise the way a specific business operates. With a next-generation store system, it’s critical that these changes can be implemented quickly, in order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

Device and OS agnostic

Genuine Next-Generation store systems are completely agnostic; the solution is uninvolved with the device and the operating system. This means that not only can the existing store hardware be used, but also a mix of devices and OSs in-store. An agnostic solution is unconcerned with the device, operating system, country, fascia, brand, or whether it is speciality retail, fashion, or hardware. Giving out of the box flexibility allows retailers to make decisions based on their business, not the vendors.

Some final advice for global retailers

As a large retailer, you need a proper next-generation store system to connect multiple front-end and back-end applications. Enactor POS allows you to process in-store and online purchases in a single transaction. Customers can start a transaction anywhere and end it anywhere, and easily move their baskets across devices and channels.

Many international retailers, like Central Retail, are switching to a modern store solution like Enactor, as it lends speed and control over their omnichannel retail growth, which is paramount in today’s retail.

Any retailer that operates in multiple verticals must consider each vertical separately to make decisions and manage these verticals as a single unit. That is why you need to have a single POS system like Enactor POS, which works across any vertical with the same architecture and changes made in the background for seamless functionality.

Global retailers need a POS system that can ensure compliance with any fiscal regulation and laws. Enactor ensures fiscal compliance and regulatory compliance are met automatically.

Enactor Next-Gen Solution

Enactor set a benchmark as a Next-Generation Store Solution providing modern unified commerce solutions to not just connect stores and digital channels but allow retailers to develop and deploy new application architectures that are resilient and agile to enable rapid digital change.

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