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Published On: January 31st, 2024


Transforming Point of Sale: Unveiling Enactor’s Thick Android POS

We are excited to announce an update in our Point of Sale roadmap — the development of the Enactor Thick Android POS. With our success in the Mobile POS domain and already providing support for our Thin Android Client, we’re keen to move forward with the evolution of Enactor’s Next-Generation solutions, promising to elevate your business operations to new heights.

Thick vs Thin Android POS

Let’s break this into two parts, what an Android POS is and what a Thick Client is.

Android POS devices are used for retail and other business transactions, including processing payments, managing inventory, and generating sales reports. They leverage the Android platform to provide a versatile business solution.

A ‘Thick Client’ represents a client application or software that performs substantial processing on the client side. It contrasts with a ‘Thin Client’, which relies more on server-side processing. Thick clients often have more capabilities locally installed on the device which gives it offline resilience.

What is the key benefit of a Thick Android POS compared to a Thin Android POS?

Thick Android POS systems are designed to operate independently of an internet connection, allowing businesses to continue processing transactions even when offline. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in locations with unreliable internet connectivity or for those who want to ensure uninterrupted sales operations during internet outages.

On the other hand, Thin Android POS systems typically rely heavily on the internet to function. While they may offer some offline functionality, they often have limited capabilities compared to Thick POS systems.

In summary, the main advantage of Thick Android POS systems is their ability to maintain operational functionality without relying on a consistent internet connection, providing businesses with more reliability and flexibility.

Other Benefits of Enactor Android Thick POS

  • Personalised Shopping Experiences

    Imagine a POS that goes beyond mere transactions, turning each interaction into a personalised shopping journey. The Enactor Next-Generation Thick Android POS promises a seamless and tailored experience, empowering businesses to create memorable interactions beyond the transaction. The Enactor Thick Android POS shares the same codebase as the core POS software allowing for configurability, extensibility, and compatibility with the Android platform.

  • Performance

    Speed and efficiency lie at the heart of the Enactor Thick Android POS. We have optimised performance for swift transactions and streamlined processes. Retailers can experience a win-win with unparalleled speed without breaking the bank, as we offer a cost-effective solution for businesses.

  • Benefits of the Native App

    Seamless integration is pivotal for a successful POS system. The Enactor Thick Android POS leverages the power of a native app, to provide a cohesive solution. Sync effortlessly with existing operations, enjoying a streamlined workflow that enhances efficiency.

  • And of course, Offline Capabilities

    The Enactor Thick Android POS ensures business resilience in scenarios with uncertain connectivity. offline capabilities allow your team to serve customers, capture sales, and manage inventory, even without an internet connection—keeping your operations smooth amid network challenges.

As we delve into our Thick Android POS development, you can anticipate more updates, exclusive insights, and a firsthand look at improved features shaping the future of your business. Join us on this journey toward a new era of Next-Generation excellence!

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