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Published On: March 25th, 2022



Why global retailers are leaving their legacy POS platforms behind?

The pandemic became a fertile ground for new habit formations, hence consumers today are settling for convenience. Not many retailers have a capable POS to facilitate these contemporary shopping styles as POS systems now need to move from being a basic point of sale to an evolved point of service. These demands have surged investments in the retail automation market, where a powerful POS solution is almost indispensable!

In fact, statistics read, “The global retail automation market is forecast to grow to 33 billion U.S. dollars by 2030”. Retailers are reviewing their in-store digitalisation to match that of the digital experience when shopping online to retain customer loyalty and gain healthier profits in the longer term. An integrated POS system is therefore an elemental retail staple needing modernisation with not simple facelifts but through robust architectural shifts such as going from monolith to cloud-based. See why the global retailer, Central Retail chose Enactor, to unlock increased omnichannel opportunities across its 2000+ stores! 👇

⚠ Why it’s time to say goodbye to your traditional POS


Enactor Solution Overview

See how Enactor enables complex customer journeys across devices and channels.


Enactor for Large & Global Retailers

Enactor is the key disrupting solution in Enterprise store and Unified Commerce where Retailers need a modern platform.

Legacy systems don’t facilitate a majority of the new market customisations
. Low chance of extensions and the capacity to scale up
Cumbersome integration mechanisms costing money and time
Low security with on-premise data storage measures
Often sits as a static system after installation with rare updates

8 Key Benefits an Omnichannel POS can bring to your business

1. Omnichannel enablement: The POS can be deployed on all fixed, thick and thin clients. This unlocks the freedom for customers to order, anytime, anywhere and anyhow to create their individual customer journeys. They can interact with you across any touchpoint and enjoy frictionless journeys.

2. Hyper-personalisation: Capacity to store volumes of customer data with tight confidentiality to analyse and singularly track consumer behaviour. This helps to personalise the customer’s shopping experience and apply clienteling features to make smarter, more informed and meaningful customisations.

3. Future-proof: Microservices based POS developments are inherently modern and facilitate
future- proof payment processing systems such as Pedless. The POS takes on a
future-first approach prioritising flexibility and modularity to scale with the business’s growing verticals.

4. Seamless Integrations: Talk about add-ons! Fundamentally API driven POS systems are synonymous with integration. APIs turn the POS into a full-suite enterprise platform by extending your services to options such as adaptive fulfilment, real-time inventory management, or other important additives.

5. Automatic updates: New updates are automatically released without the hindrance of disruptive downtimes and additional licensing fees. You can be self-sufficient to push new features as per market demands and also fix errors within a matter of a few minutes by utilising your in-house IT teams.

6. Cost efficiency: Let alone the cost-saving in hardware, the beauty of a MACH based POS system is that it is natively a composable enterprise. Meaning every element of software is easily modifiable and our flow-based microservices can be easily understood requiring no third-party vendor support for frequent configurations.

7. Technological Agility: An omnichannel POS branches out to multiple areas such as orders and inventory management, where every customer touchpoint, the POS and backend logic are all orchestrated onto a unified commerce platform. It takes away mundane work of manual logging and much more to speed up processes with automation.

8. Single Vendor: Running your POS on a unified commerce platform means that you control all processes, narrows down the complexity of matters and centralises operations to a single vendor who saves up on time, takes full responsibility and understands your needs allowing you to trust where your money is parked.

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Where will a powerful Point-of-Service take you?

If you’re currently re-evaluating your POS, you’ll want to be reassured that a modern POS will enable you to continuously unlock new omnichannel journeys, be self-sufficient and agile in doing configurations, deliver an exceptional store and digital experience at the least.

The Enactor POS is a Microservices built point-of-service solution orchestrated onto a unified commerce platform. Our technology is hyperflexible to support contactless, integrated payments yielding safe, accurate, fast card transactions for you and your customers.

It automatically works with your online shop to easily process and manage sales with omnichannel functionality to give a full retail experience across every single touchpoint.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from the CIO of Central Retail >>
“Unlike our legacy POS, Enactor allows us to unlock more potential than we’ve ever been able to do before, whenever we need it.”

So, whether you’re considering switching from a 10-year-old legacy system or another cloud-based software, we can help you make the right choice for your business.

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