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Case Study

Multi-billion dollar Asian conglomerate switches to Enactor POS for more efficient back office system

Modernising eCommerce across 2,000+ stores and different brands worldwide is a massive challenge. But with Enactor’s omnichannel POS and eCommerce Microservices, Central Retail Corporation plc (CRC) has a new way of delivering functional extensions faster and easier than they have ever been able to do before.

CRC, the retail arm of Central Group, a multi billion dollar family-owned conglomerate, operates across many retail verticals with over 2,000 stores in major Asian and European markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Italy.

Overcoming the challenges of a diverse and global business

With a booming eCommerce market, CRC realised it needed to act fast to remain competitive and keep its stores relevant. It approached Enactor to help realise its vision of creating an elevated customer experience and improve satisfaction, loyalty and brand advocacy – and ultimately of course increase revenue and profitability.

“ To remain competitive in the global market, we were seeking a reputable partner like Enactor who could help bring the convenience of online shopping into our stores – not just for today but for the next decade to come”

This meant delivering a seamless omnichannel experience. With more of its customers engaging from their preferred choice of physical or digital channels, CRC looked to ways of unifying conversations across channels allowing a ‘common basket’ that their shoppers could use whenever and wherever they decide to shop.

Choosing Enactor

With this in mind CRC deployed the Enactor unified platform as it not only offered a genuine next generation POS solution but enabled the easy integration of other applications such as CRM, Clientelling, Mobile POS, Online Promotions and Basket Engine.

Like most large retailers, CRC was running clunky store software that originated from the 1990s making it slow and expensive to develop new omnichannel customer journeys that would span all devices, applications and touchpoints.

To meet CRC’s vision of “anytime, anywhere” shopping they needed to be able to support multiple channels from a common IT infrastructure. This meant providing access to a single point of commerce and unified platform.

“The reason we’ve engaged in the deployment of Enactor is not only to have a modern POS solution that allows us to sell through multiple channels, but we also see huge business benefits from having a single, unified eCommerce platform that we can own and extend ourselves. With our old POS this simply wasn’t possible”


As competition heats up between large retailers, the ability for IT teams to develop and deploy their own functional extensions and own the UI user experience allows them to adapt quickly to meet new market demands and gain competitive advantage.

More business benefits

Enactor’s next generation POS solution not only gives CRC more efficient back office functions than a legacy system but added many new capabilities. Moreover, it could easily integrate into Central Retail’s systems to deliver Click and Collect, Click and Reserve and In Store ordering.

Moreover, for a global conglomerate such as the Central Retail Corporation, a cloud native, fiscal ready platform with one code base that can scale globally is a perfect solution.

“Global fiscalization is a huge challenge for our business. Knowing that Enactor has teams on the ground to deal with local compliance gives us huge peace of mind”

As a trusted vendor and MACH Alliance Member, global retailers rely on Enactor to successfully drive continued advancement across their POS, mobile, kiosk, check-out and online systems as well as back end systems for omnichannel and enterprise management.

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