Frasers Group

Enactor are delighted to announce that at the beginning of 2020 we signed an enterprise agreement with one of UK Retail’s largest and most innovative International Organisations – Frasers Group plc (formerly Sports Direct International).

Frasers Group are on an ambitious elevation strategy and will be using Enactor to play a key role in future customer experiences across its business. Frasers Group are continually pushing to deploy cutting edge technology, this is the strategic vision as it aims to meet the demands of an ever more sophisticated consumer who is increasingly looking for an enhanced shopping experience.

With Enactor they will have a single, flexible Platform across all of their Global Retail Operations and brands. They will use Enactor’s leading suite of Store Solutions for their Stores and Enactor OMS (Order Management) to support Omnichannel ordering and customer journeys.

Underpinning the delivery of both these Platforms has been becoming self-sufficient of Enactor’s Microservice Framework & Tools.


Fast delivery of solution, globally:

The initial focus was on Point-of-Sale. Jack Wills, recently went live in a store pilot only six weeks after the project was initiated. This was made possible by the depth and flexibility of Enactor’s current Store Solutions and the capability in Frasers Group Information Technology division. To take the Platform international they will leverage Enactor’s dedicated Fiscalisation Team who are on a mission to incorporate Fiscal Integrations in the Enactor Solution for all the world’s regulated countries.

Facilitating multichannel:

Order Management now has its own stream too as they look to support more comprehensive multi-channel shopping across websites, and stores. For this they are starting by phasing in Enactor’s OMS into Evans Cycles both in terms of an In-Store Order Management App and back-end Ordering engine.

The longer term vision:

Long-term the aim is to roll-out Enactor OMS into more brands. It will play a major part in elevating the customer experience and usage of Store Inventory across channels for all Retail brands. By leveraging the power of the Enactor Platform in different ways, each brand will be able to service their customers with their own unique propositions specific to their format and vertical.

Projects like this represent a step-change in how large Retail Organisations, like Frasers Group, approach enterprise Retail systems. A hybrid approach of Buy and Build enable rapid deployment and delivery of an established Unified Commerce Platform.

This model has been made possible by Enactor’s flow-based Tools Architecture which allows for the building and customising of applications using reusable Microservices. These graphical Tools mean that skills of manipulating a highly sophisticated Platform are transferable to the Retailer themselves. With such capabilities Retailers can rid themselves of the burdensome solutions and services of legacy suppliers and become far more technologically agile.

A spokesperson for Frasers Group said:

We are always looking at how we can use Technology to continually innovate across our facias and deliver great customer experiences that elevate our Retail proposition. With Enactor, we are excited to get all our Stores on a single Technology base that we can make our own.

In modern Retail we need to move fast to deliver what the business needs both from a store and Omnichannel perspective and the Enactor Platform enables that. We see the Enactor Platform as key for us achieving our long-term strategic goals and wider business elevation strategy.

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