Case Study

Harrods is the world’s most famous department store with the latest mens and womens designer fashion, luxury gifts, food and accessories. Harrods consider that one of the main reasons customers return is because of the quality of service and personal contact that is build up between its salespeople over a period of time, along with beneficial discounts and incentives that can be targeted to these customers. The company has around 700,000 loyalty card holders, with a large proportion being regular customers.

The Challenge

Harrods began a project to implement a system that would manage and enhance the interaction between its marketing department, customers and salespeople. Harrods were aware that generic CRM systems would not operate well in a store environment. They wanted a system that accurately implemented and assisted their processes but was not a custom piece of software. The challenge became; how can marketing initiatives be run on a large scale across a large number of very valuable customers and yet retain an individual and focused approach?

The Solution

Using its standard applications, development toolkit, platform and resource library, Enactor produced a solution that met Harrods requirements – but without creating a custom software application.

The system developed is a fully functional front-end CRM system designed to operate Harrods point of service devices throughout the store. Touch-operated, it gives salespeople quick access to applications that include task allocation and management, individual and team diaries, customer search and transaction history, customer contact recording and management, scripted and controlled email, fax and SMS. Now the marketing department is better informed about customers, their visits and preferences, and can be more more proactive in marketing campaigns, while salespeople have applications that allow them to communicate with important customers in a way that conforms to company policy and ambitions. Critically, Harrods have access to the same process and application design tools that Enactor developers use and can therefore take the solution forward without the code being altered.

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