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Published On: May 19th, 2021



Enactor Certification X Global Partnership Programme

Enactor has a booming Global Partnerships Programme that enriches the skills base and delivery capabilities around the Enactor Platform. We have recently trained some new partners and are proud to have granted certification to aspiring brands such as REPL/Accenture, Retail 247, Belltech and PMC.

Our training success heavily relies on our team of in-house trainers. They are well-versed experts in giving technical guidance and programme delivery. Over the last six weeks alone, they have trained and certified three new partners in their respective areas.

Our Partner Programmes get significant attention from tech-savvy candidates where we have qualified over 20 partners in recent weeks. Enactor puts deep driven efforts into delivering course excellence in areas as Introduction to Enactor, Inventory Management, Integration & Architecture.

The four recommended partner training tracks are as follows:

  • Delivery Track – For Project / Programme Managers, Development, Test and Deployment Leads
  • Application Track – For Business Analysts, Retail Operations and Configuration Specialists
  • Technical Track – For Architects, Integration Specialists and Systems Engineers
  • Development Track – For Front-end and back-end developers

Complementing this is the Enactor Insights Portal. It is a dedicated support and documentation platform provided for our partners. It acts as a reference in accessing the “How to?” guide following the training, followed by obtaining further support and assistance.

Best-of-class technology delivered to the best-of-brands that aspire!

Enactor Global Partnership Programme & CertificationEnactor Global Partnership Programme & CertificationEnactor Global Partnership Programme & CertificationEnactor Global Partnership Programme & Certification

Enactor Global Partnership Programme & Certification


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