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Published On: November 26th, 2021



How to make your brand stand out amidst the Black Friday bustle?

💡: How to make your brand stand out amidst the Black Friday bustle?

⚡Here are our top 5 Enactor powered solutions to triumph over the competition!

1. Personalisation 🎁

Amidst the influx of customer interactions, you can singularly attend to every customer journey with our unique personalisation capabilities. Enactor can track the customer footprint every step of the way. These tracking features include wishlists, browser history and purchase patterns that directly translate into persuading the customer with suggestive selling options for cross/up-sales, more meaningful promotions, VIP recognition and reward schemes.

2. “Phygital” omnichannel journeys 🌐

You can now leverage the online functionality into the physical store space and amplify the in-store shopping experience. With Enactor’s unification of the web and store technology, your customers can interchangeably shop between the two platforms. This essentially enables the customer to shop from anywhere, use a single basket across multiple touchpoints and finally end the journey on a completely different channel.

3. Unlimited inventory 📦

We leave no room for order fragmentation! The Enactor OMS orchestrates the customer requests by enabling them to run a rich product search that scrapes across a global pool of inventory. Our technology houses all your global inventory and treats it as a single stock unit. This way, you will never run out of stock and are able to promise customers a definite fulfilment of orders, sourced from wherever in the world. It gets even better with our real-time lookups and last-mile location ranking capacities that enhances the augmented CX.

4. System resilience 🏛️

On days like Black Friday, websites and other digital touchpoints attract a lot of traffic and usually lag under pressure. Our powerful solutions such as single-page applications, API driven POS systems and even the utilisation of Headless Commerce strategies, help to facilitate faster speeds and high volumes when processing transactions.

5. Multiple payments & checkouts 💰

We have our own payment service provider and we’ve also partnered up with external payment solutions to facilitate the diverse modes of payments in the modern world. Be it cash, card, vouchers, deferred or even split payments options, we have got you covered! Together with this, you have the liberty to deploy any amount of Enactor enabled checkout options such as SCO applications, MPOS, KIOSK, HHTs and other varieties that eliminates the common queues and time frustrations that are bound with the Black Friday rush.

If you thought that’s it, well you guessed wrong!

Explore more from a host of other Enactor powered solutions that make both everyday retail and special retail celebrations unbelievably smoother!

Effortless retailing with Enactor Store Solutions! ⚡

Make your brand stand out this BLACK FRIDAY!Make your brand stand out this BLACK FRIDAY!Make your brand stand out this BLACK FRIDAY!Make your brand stand out this BLACK FRIDAY!Make your brand stand out this BLACK FRIDAY!

Make your brand stand out this BLACK FRIDAY!


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