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Published On: May 31st, 2021



Enactor Thin Client now available on the Apple App Store!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Enactor’s Thin Client iOS App is now downloadable from the official Apple App Store. The Apple App Store brings a whole new installation mechanism to Enactor leading iOS Thin Client, which can surface many different Enactor Apps like Retail POS, Hospitality POS and Inventory Management.

Enactor has had many successful iOS Thin client deployments over recent years, with over 3,000 devices rolled out across customers in all territories. Now Enactor’s customers & partners can simply download the Enactor App onto their iOS devices and point it towards their Enactor system.

When the Thin Client App is configured to deliver the Enactor Retail POS, it features a full suite of functions for product selling in the modern Retail store:

  • Endless Aisle for a rich product search and limitless catalogue

  • Clientelling for personalization & customer relationship building in-store
  • API-driven and Microservice-built for rapid change, integration and innovation
  • Easily build in-store orders and fulfil mixed baskets options
  • Process complex baskets with promotions, discounts, refunds and loyalty vouchers
  • International configuration for language, tax and fiscalization regulations

Our major retail clients such as Harrods, River Island, Dunelm and many others have been extremely successful in using the Enactor thin client, which is now available on the App Store.

Sidath Dissanayake – Enactor Director of Development & Architecture – “Since day one we have always had the mantra that our store applications should be cross platform and our Enactor Thin Client apps are a critical part of that. Over the last few years many of our customers have used our iOS Client as part of successful iPad or iPod-based deployments.

We are always thinking about new ways to make our technology more accessible, and for anyone to be able to download the Enactor client onto their Apple devices brings new possibilities for rollout.”

Enactor is now working on doing the same for the Enactor Android Client on the Google Play Store.

The Enactor App is now on the Apple App Store!The Enactor App is now on the Apple App Store!The Enactor App is now on the Apple App Store!The Enactor App is now on the Apple App Store!

The Enactor App is now on the Apple App Store!


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