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Published On: April 21st, 2021


Enactor Celebrates World Creativity & Innovation Day

Enactor wishes everyone a happy World Creativity & Innovation Day!

According to the UN General Assembly, world Creativity and Innovation Day is for “Acknowledging that innovation is essential for harnessing the economic potential of each nation and the importance of supporting mass entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, which create new momentum for economic growth and job creation and expand opportunities for all, including women and youth”

Therefore, the United Nations designated 21 April as World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.

Enactor is passionate about bringing innovation and new ways of thinking. Yes to the Retail sector, but also by encouraging new ways of approaching the world’s problems, in what is a difficult time for millions of people all over the globe.

Mike Carrell – Enactor Founder & CEO – “We are always thinking about our product and new ways of doing things from a technological and operational perspective. Clearly, we are in an incredibly privileged position to do this in our business. Anything that promotes this way of working we are on board with!

Enactor Solution Overview

A short overview of the amazing Enactor Platform and what you can do with it.

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Enactor OMS

An introduction to Enactor OMS and how it links all channels and stores with distributed order management.

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