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Published On: April 5th, 2022


The Works selects Enactor to transform beyond click and collect

The multi-channel, discount specialist retailer shifts to high gear with the Enactor omnichannel POS to accelerate its customer proposition.

The Works is one of the UK’s leading multi-channel specialist retailers of value gifts, arts, crafts, toys, books and stationery. It currently operates around 530 stores in the UK and Ireland. The business seeks to achieve a high-quality customer experience and to unlock a myriad of retail possibilities across every customer touchpoint.

The retailer initially approached Enactor to deploy Enactor on Demand POS and Payments. Moving forward, they want to take advantage of Enactor next-generation features including Mobile POS, self-checkout, in-store ordering and store inventory management, enabling them to better understand their customers.

With Enactor, The Works has found the ultimate omnichannel business solution. It will be able to get a 360 view of its customer behaviour, improve its loyalty proposition, level up its in-store efficiencies and give both the brand and its customers a modern, in-store shopping experience.

– Julius Carrell, Enactor

More than simply a POS

The Enactor unified commerce platform will enable extended functionality in the future and the advantage of using the Enactor toolkit means The Works team can control more of their own digital destiny.

As a veteran in Microservices engineering and an accredited member of the MACH Alliance, Enactor gives its customers the opportunity to become technologically agile, respond quickly to business change requirements and most importantly place themselves ahead of competition.

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About Enactor

Enactor is revolutionising the retail industry through its disruptive unified e-commerce platform, providing progressive retailers with a more nimble alternative to their legacy monolithic systems.

As a trusted vendor and MACH Alliance Member, global brands rely on Enactor to successfully drive continuous advancement across their POS, mobile, kiosk, self-checkout, and online systems as well as back-end systems for omnichannel and enterprise management.

Enactor’s reusable and easily adaptable microservices bring a whole new approach to flexibility, solving the ‘Build or Buy’ dilemma for store applications. Our best of breed services can connect easily to legacy, cloud, and 3rd party systems giving retailers a genuinely agile way of working. Flexibility and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more about our great work at enactor.co

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