Enactor Microservice Tools

Unique Microservices architecture
Unmatched flexibility and self sufficiency for retailers

Microservices delivering Retail and Commerce Agility

Much more than just Applications

When Enactor started, we began by building not just applications, but a Framework, Runtime and Tools for easily creating and changing complex applications with reusable Microservices. These include Tools for building applications with Microservices.

Bringing flexibility to the heart of every Enactor Product

We have adopted this approach for all of our software products. For example, Enactor’s POS, OMS and our Commerce Services all have this flexibility at their core. All of these have been built and are maintained by this same Architecture and Tools.


Tools for Microservices

At the heart of this Framework is a graphical, flow driven architecture for building applications using diagrams. This is an approach known as flow-based programming or low-code. This adds a rich and easily understandable layer of abstraction that allows us to both configure and orchestrate Microservices into Applications.

Enabling Retailer Self-sufficiency

With our Framework and Tools major Retailers can quickly get the kind of self-sufficiency not normally on offer for enterprise software and solutions. No longer will major retailers be stuck in a model where their rate of innovation and change is set by their suppliers.

You need to see this demo video…

Video: Enactor Flow-based Tools

Quite simply the most flexible enterprise Architecture in Retail & Commerce. Watch this to see the power of our approach.


An open platform built for flexibility.

Enactor is a Platform that brings a whole new approach to flexibility. Allowing retailers to deliver on innovation and customer experiences.

We are always looking for companies to team up with and bring innovation to Retailers.