Enactor OMS

Order anywhere, fulfil anywhere.

Giving retailers complete control over how orders are received and fulfilled.

A single Omnichannel Ordering and Inventory Engine delivering flexibility for both retailer and consumer

Finally merge the physical and the digital and turn stores in to your greatest asset once again.

Enactor OMS is a sophisticated Cloud-deployed Platform working between a retailer’s channels and back-end systems. As an algorithm and API-based single platform, it is an engine that enables retailers to allow the customer to easily order from wherever, however and to anywhere they want. For the Retailer Enactor’s OMS offers the ability to get total control of how an order is to be fulfilled, no matter how complex the customer journey and order process.

Meet Enactor

Headless Commerce Doc

See the Power of Enactor Digital Platform. Combining Microservices and Tooling to provide Commerce flexibility.

Headless Commerce

Are you hearing all about “Headless Commerce”? It’s commerce tech’s new buzzword to replace “omnichannel” and “unified commerce”. At Enactor, we’ve been practicing this for years.


Order Management designed for modern retail and Ominchannel customer journeys.

Our Customers

Enactor works with Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers to deliver innovation in technology and customer experiences. 

Our Videos

Customer Journey

Customer journeys are more complex than ever and require all your channels to be seamlessly connected.

The Enactor Toolkit

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Enactor in Retail

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